The Basics of Slot Car Racing

Slot Car Racing

The Basic Information of Slot Car Racing

One of the most popular hobbies around, slot car racing has wowed fans young and old for more than 6 decades since its heyday back in the 1960s.  For those that are wondering what slot car racing is, it is a miniature racing car game. Players control slot cars that are guided by grooves or slots around a designed track layout.  It is a great hobby to enjoy as it fosters teamwork, skill and hand-eye coordination. It has something for everyone. From casual home users to competitive racing and model building for collectors.

Carrera is a world-renowned manufacturer of top tier slot cars. They have pioneered the transition from analog to digital racing.  The slot cars come in different scales such as 1:24, 1:32, 1:43 and 1:64.  The most popular and common is the 1:32 scale.

Getting Started

If you are interested in getting into this hobby and want to get started right away, the starter set is the one you purchase. The set contains everything you need to enjoy your slot car racing.  All in one box it features the slot car, power supply, track pieces and accessories. The great thing about starter sets is you can customize them with the addition of more tracks to make your racing experience more challenging or super fun.  To get a better idea of how to enjoy your slot car racing experience you might want to join one or a few of the many worldwide racing clubs online. You will be able to meet different people who can guide and help you to develop your skills.


Most slot cars are fitted with magnets, which aids cornering grip around the circuit. These magnets are perfect for beginners as it allows your car an excellent chance of staying on the track.  When it comes to it, it is really your choice whether or not you want to use the magnets or simply remove them.  If you want a more challenging experience I recommend removing them. However, cars that are fitted with the magnets tend to hide and smooth out the raw performance handling issues found in most slot cars.

Technique for Winning

To win at slot car racing you have to be the fastest and the smartest driver on the circuit. Raw speed alone will not win you a race unless you are just racing yourself.  The important thing to note is smoothness, consistency and staying on the track at all times.  There is really no point for being super fast if you always de-slot with each lap.

Navigating Corners

When navigating tight corners, it is recommended that the car is braking so as to that the weight transfer presses the guide down into the slot and stops it from de-slotting. If you happen to brake late while going too fast around the corner, the rear end of the car will swing around or it will simply fall off.

Braking and Releasing

While braking at the right time is vital to navigating corners, it is likewise important when to release the brakes. By coming off the brakes, at just the right time and applying the power again you will be able to carry the speed through the corner.

If your car has too much grip, chances are it will dig-in and tip out of the slot without any warning. It is therefore crucial that it be driven below its limit in order to ensure it does not fall out.  If the car slides too much, so that the rear is noticeably sideways, the power cannot be lessened effectively.


Slot car racing is an excellent hobby to have. There are endless ways by which you can enjoy your slot car experience. Customizing your tracks with loops and chicanes, trying out different slot car models to name a few. There is something for everyone.